🌕Why EpicHero "the Safemoon of NFT"?

The answer is an NFT holder's passive income rewards and a NFT burning mechanism. This is where our experience in defi shine, with the support from Thoreum, we bring their battle tested tokenomics in Defi and bring it to NFT gaming. With this we are like the Safemoon of NFT.

1. NFT reflection rewards in BNB: We are the world first reflection rewards NFT, it means the longer you hold your NFT the bigger the amount of dividend you get in BNB, it give holders the incentive to hold to collect dividend and with highly limited numbers, this feature makes the NFT look more attractive in the long run because every one desires to have it.

2. NFT burning mechanism: Not only is Epic Hero NFT highly limited in numbers, but also it will become rarer and rarer day by day because of our NFT merging ( burning) mechanism. User can choose 2 heroes to merge into a new 1 with better attributes or rarity, so the number of heroes will be decreased a lot over time.

This 2 mechanism make sure that holding Epic Hero NFT brings more and more value in the long run for its holders.

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