💵EpicHero Token ($EPICHERO)

Collect, Evolve, Merge, Battle, Quest, Hire, Burn.

EpicHero Contract:


What is EpicHero token?

EpicHero ($EPICHERO) is the token that powers the EpicHero NFT game. You can use $EPICHERO in game or just hold it to earn Thoreum reflection rewards.

$EPICHERO is acquired by winning battles, completing quests, or simply participating in games. While $EPICHERO tokens are released regularly as game rewards, they are also burned by many in-game activities like summoning a new hero, evolving a hero to next level, merging two existing heroes to create a new one, and many more exciting interactions. These burns help bring balance to the supply.

$EPICHERO is also required for expenses when challenging dungeons and upgrading the equipment. You can also use $EPICHERO to hire other player's heroes to form a team together, etc. $EPICHERO can be obtained by mining, by participating in daily works. $EPICHERO can also be traded through the DEX platform.

All of this action, excitement, competition and collecting brought to you on the Fair Launch ITO Platform of Thoreum Finance, the stable choice for projects looking to guarantee a smooth and fair launch for ALL their users not only a lucky few.

$EPICHERO use cases:

  • NFT Farming.

  • Game Incentives.

  • Gameplay utility.

  • Governing.

$EPICHERO transfer tax:

An 5% buy tax and a 15% sell tax is levied on all $EPICHERO transactions made on PancakeSwap. Half of all these taxes are returned to $EPICHERO token holders and NFT holders in the form of $THOREUM & $BNB reflections, while the other half of the funds are used for game development, advertising and marketing expenses.

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