Army Building

Total Attack Power = Total attack power of all heroes in the army NOT including Troop Activation bonus and Heroes Combination Bonus. User's attacking rewards is paid in $EpicHero every second depending on this power. User can have maximum 3 armies for 3 legions.

  1. Each user can have 1 army for each joined legion. Each army have maximum 80 heroes. Currently there're 8 heroes, so 80 = 8*10, this number will be changed when more Heroes available on the market.

  2. Each army consists of maximum 8 troops, each troop contains a set of heroes with the same character, like Zeus troop, Medusa troop, etc. A troop can have both genesis heroes and demi heroes with any number.

  3. There are 2 types of rewards: Attacking rewards in $EpicHero based on Attacking power & Boss rewards in $Thoreum & (future) Chests based on Boss damage.

  4. A troops is activated when a respective hero is deployed, each activated troop will make Boss damage increase 5% if it contains at least 1 genesis hero or 0.5% if it only contains demi heroes.

  5. An army of 6 activated troops & above can earn the Boss rewards and Attacking rewards

  6. An army of less than 6 activated troops can only earn the attacking rewards

  7. Attacking rewards is based on number of heroes and their level & rarity.

  8. Boss rewards is based on Attacking power + number of Activated troops slot + number of Heroes combination.

  9. There are certain combinations, full details is here. For example if you activate the "Gods of Olympus" combination by deploying genesis Zeus, Poseidon and Athena your Boss damage will be Attack Power + 10% (for "Gods of Olympus" combination) + 3*5% ( for active 3 troops slot)

  10. A combination activated by Demi heroes will have 1/10 of the percentage increased compare to a combination activated by Genesis heroes.

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