🔱3 killer features of EPIC HERO

1. Worlds first NFT game and the only one until now that gives NFT holders BNB reflection as rewards.

2. Largest scale battles on BSC with thousands of users each, potentially using thousands of NFTs to compete at the same time to win real prize money.

Yes we are proud to be the 1st one in the market that can bring thousands together at the same time, and each of those users can bring thousands of their NFTs together, in an epic scale battle every month, it's the infinity vs. infinity mode where guilds are competing with others for a rewards in huge cash prize

3. True 3D NFTs that user are excited to own and show off, each with unique looking and stunning graphic. For the first time user can view their NFT fully in 3D mode, rotate, zoom in and view in a spectacular 360 degree view.

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