⚡Integrating with Thoreum NFT Platform

Metaverse On-Chain Game. Gaming + NFT + DEFI + Marketplace + Auction.

Thoreum Initial Token Offering Platform

EpicHero will use Thoreum ITO platform to launch EpicHero presale,

Thoreum NFT Marketplace

Instead of developing its own marketplace, EpicHero will use Thoreum NFT Platform's marketplace to help user buy & sell their EpicHero NFTs.

Summoning a Hero cost both Thoreum & EpicHero token

You can buy mysterious chest through the Mysterious Chest page.

You need to pay 5,000 Thoreum Tokens ( this number will be dynamically adjusted based on Thoreum price) for each mysterious chest. In the future you can pay by any tokens in the Thoreum with discounted price ( ThunderADA, ThunderBNB, ThunderCAKE, ThunderETH and more).

After that you can open your chest using EpicHero. You need to pay 500 EPICHERO ( this number will be dynamically adjusted based on EpicHero price) to open a chest.

Levelling up cost both EPICHERO & THOREUM

The heroes are all level 1 at start, which can be upgraded by consuming EPICHERO and THOREUM token. The higher the level, the more token is required. The higher the level, the more rewards can be obtained from in-game activities.

What made partnering with Thoreum the right move for EPIC HERO?

Thoreum is famous for pioneering reflection rewards tokens and continues to grow steadily with an ecosystem of effective rewards tokens.

Thoreum is a rare success story when it comes to rewards tokens on the BSC market and has already awarded its holders over 14 million USD in the first 2 months since launch.

With a growing community of over 45,000 investors, Thoreum has established its reputation as a resilient project with no signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon.

All of this, whilst continuing to bring exciting new projects and long term value for their holders.

As the world's first NFT to give holders reflection rewards in BNB, EpicHero is not just a game, but a pioneer in the defi field. This is why we chose Thoreum as our key strategic partner.

As one of our earliest investors and strategic partners, Thoreum Finance will finance and assist our projects in raising capital and brand awareness, by exposing us to their great community of investors and integrating us into their NFT ecosystem.

Thoreum also has a history of raising millions of USD for other successful projects through their launch platform.

In our strategic partnership, Thoreum has invested in EpicHero.io, becoming our project’s official publisher and will have $EPICHERO’s launch on Thoreum ITO platform on Sep 13th, 2021

Thoreum and Epic Hero's partnership is bringing the best out for the upcoming game in terms of extra features to reward all users.

Its all part of the bigger ecosystem being built at Thoreum

Thoreum+Thunder Alliance+ Epic Hero its going to be awesome, each platform building up and adding to the others.

The future projects in Thoreum Ecosystem?

As you can see, with the support of Thoreum we are building not just a gaming project but a NFT Ecosystem to invite more and more quality games and devs to join us. We have our own launch pad which raised million USD for many projects, our own market place for buy & sell NFT, a strong and growing community of 300,000 users and 60,000 holders. There are many other projects in the pipeline, and we have one planned that is exactly what you are referring to. But each project on Thoreum must be different, be attractive to new users, bring something new to the Defi space and assist Thoreum with its burn, whilst continuing to build on the ecosystem that has already been established within these projects. If a project provides all these requirements, we are happy to go ahead with it, but only then.

And many more to come...

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