🏆️World First "NFT reflection rewards"

On top of all this exciting action, EpicHero is the 3D NFT Metaverse on BSC, World's 1st Play to Earn game rewarding NFT holders in BNB 7% each transaction. This innovative mechanism gives the EpicHero NFT holder's great passive income overtime simply by holding the NFT in their wallet.

So those not even engaging in epic gaming need not worry about their NFT value because simply by holding their NFT cards they can gain passive income over time in the form of BNB, and this feature will make EpicHero NFT card become more desirable and more popular between non-gaming users .

To facilitate EpicHero NFT passive reflection rewards, a 10% tax is levied on each EpicHero NFT transaction made in the Thoreum NFT Marketplace. Half of all these taxes are returned to the remaining NFT holders, in the form of BNB reflections, the other half, funds game development, advertising and marketing expenses.

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