🌠How to play Demi hero

How to play demi hero to win genesis hero

Demi power = 1/20 Genesis power at the same level & rarity. So even Olympus come out with very high rewards, if you play a level 1 common Demi, the Legion join fee and the gas fee may be higher than the rewards.

So the best strategy here is to level up your demi hero to compete with the genesis hero. If you play it right, a demi hero can have a better profit compare to a genesis with the same investment.

For example, a level 5 Uncommon Demi Power = 10,000 * 15 ( level 5 multiplier) * 1.5 (uncommon rarity multiplier) / 20 = 11,250 power, which is higher than a level 1 Common Genesis at 10,000 power. Meanwhile, the cost to level up your Uncommon demi hero from level 1 to level 5 is just 335 $EpicHero, which is lower than the cost of buying a Common Genesis Hero on the market.

So the key here is to level up your demi hero, especially a demi hero with higher rarity to take advantage of the rarity multiplier and level multiplier. The cost of doing so is much lower than the cost to own a genesis hero but the power is higher, then the rewards is better.

You can calculate the cost to level up based on information at Hero Levelling page.

You can also calculate the power of a hero at any level and rarity based on information at Hero Attacking power page.

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