Q1. Please tell me the history behind EpicHero, can you share a bit about the background of the project's founding team. Numerous types of NFT gaming platforms are on the market currently, so how confident are you about the future EpicHero?

We are a diverse group of highly skilled developers, marketers, and influencers. For years, we love to play role playing games together, until one day we asked a question "why not make a game ourselves that everyone can own a piece of". So this game is for the people who both want to play and become owners of a game, and it's a perfect fit with the NFT and Defi concept.

Every year the global gaming market value is about 50 billions dollars, and almost all of this money comes to the game publisher, none comes to the game player who actually pays for it. We at EPICHERO want to dethrone this concept, if users who paid for the game can own the game, literally, it will be more beneficial to the users.

So EPICHERO was born with the 2 killing features : 1. largest scale battle game on BSC where thousands players can play together at the same time to win real money in the form of prizes, and 2nd. the world's first and only play to earn game that gives NFT holders with reflection rewards in BNB. These 2 features merged the core of gaming and Defi together perfectly, to bring a never before seen experience to our users, and that's what will make EpicHero different from many other players on the market.

Our competent team has the knowledge, drive, and aptitude, capable of scaling EPICHEREO to the moon, and beyond. From deep knowledge of gaming & defi, to unparalleled viral marketing execution, and robust influencer connections with fail-safe digital marketing strategies, the team at EpicHero is on a mission to make EPICHERO the biggest NFT project of 2021.



🥳 We are delighted to announce our newly formed strategic partnership with Thoreum Finance - the innovative pioneer of blockchain businesses.

💸 As one of our earliest investors and strategic partners, Thoreum Finance will finance and assist our projects in capital raising and brand awareness building by bring us to their great community of investors and integrate us into their NFT ecosystem.

EpicHero will use Thoreum ITO platform to launch EpicHero presale, and also using Thoreum NFT Marketplace to help user buy & sell their EpicHero NFTs. More details about Thoreum integration can be read here.

📈 Furthermore, Thoreum Finance will help us on our journey from strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, product development to implementation.

💪 Epic Hero 's ambition is to build a first-ever NFTs war game that bring NFT holders great passive income just buy holding their NFT in wallet. By continuous innovation in the NFT space, we will deliver sustainable value to our users and investors. The precious backing of Thoreum Finance will contribute significantly to our future success.

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