🥊Daily Task

NFT Hero Farming

Daily mining

In addition to the bloody battles, the heroes also have their own daily life and work. When not on adventures, the characters can do some job to gain token. You only need to click the button, and the hero will start to work and gain EPICHERO. Different work types may have requirements for levels. The higher the requirements, the higher the wages that can be gained.

Daily monster killing with high APR

Daily monster refers to the work that the hero can participate in. By participating in the daily monster killing, the hero can continuously earn EPICHERO. During the daily work, the hero will be locked and cannot participate in other activities such as Olympus/Dungeon/Arena until the player finishes the hero's daily work. The higher the level, the higher the APR that can be gained.

Note: You continue to earn NFT passive income regardless of holding your NFTs in your wallet or deploying your NFTs in tasks. An unique feature only in Epic Hero!

Part-time job

The most basic type of work, no level requirement

Salary: 1X $EPICHERO, Rarity Requirement: Common

Kill Chimera:

Level Requirement: 2 ++, Rarity Requirement: Common

Salary: 1.53X $EPICHERO

Kill Cerberus:

Level Requirement: 3 ++, Rarity Requirement: Common

Salary: 2.5X $EPICHERO

Kill Hydra dragons:

Level Requirement: 4 ++, Rarity Requirement: UnCommon

Salary: 5.5X $EPICHERO

Kill Dracula:

Level Requirement: 5 ++, Rarity Requirement: Rare

Salary: 15X $EPICHERO

Kill Great Demon King:

Level Requirement: 6 ++, Rarity Requirement: Rare ( Super Rare for Demi Hero)

Salary: 26.5X $EPICHERO

Note: Deploying Hero will automatically harvest the earned $EPICHERO to user's wallet.

We will gradually add more types of daily work in the future.

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