Please note that contents are subjected to changes without prior notices.
As you can see, we're trying to provide ETA for each task. But development or coding is not easy, and it is always accompanied by some uncertainty. We will try our best to release every feature or product on time. Please also be aware of the possible delays. Many thanks!

Launch (Sept. - Oct. 2021)

    Website & Social media Launch
    Presale Whitelist open for 10 days
    Introduce EPICHERO token and ITO on Thoreum platform
    Hero NFT Sale (BEP-721)
    Hero Marketplace
    Staking hero to earn $EpicHero
    Boss fighting to earn $EpicHero & other rewards (Battle for Olympus)

Equipment (Q4. 2021)

    Hero Equipment (BEP-1155)
    Hero Equipment Machine
    Equipment Marketplace

Dungeon Adventure (Q4. 2021)

    Earn by deploying Hero to Dungeon Adventure
    Dungeon Achievement Ranking

PvP Arena (Q4. 2021)

    1 vs. 1 Arena
    3 vs. 3 Arena
    5 vs. 5 Arena
    Thousands vs. Thousands Arena

World Map Release (Q1. 2022)

    Land Customization & Camping System
    Hire heroes from other players
    Introduce Monsters

Guild Battle (Q2. 2022)

    War between Nations for Resources
    Pet System with Breeding & Evolution

Job & Land (Q3. 2022)

    Job system will be released.
    You can own and decorate your own land, be a landlord
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