🚀EpicHero Presale ITO


$EPICHERO token will be launch on Thoreum ITO Platform using overflow method to make sure everyone will have a spot in the presale.

1. ITO Time:

⏳Presale: From 14h UTC, Sept 13th to 14h UTC, Sept 17th, 2021

⏳Pancakeswap launch: 15h UTC Sept 17th, 2021

2. ITO Structure

Please refer to tokenomics

3. Prices💲:

Commit with WBNB on WhiteListed Pool:

1 EPICHERO = $0.18 (15% discount)


1 EPICHERO = $0.19 (10% discount)

Commit with WBNB on WBNB Pool:

1 EPICHERO = $0.20 (5% discount)

PancakeSwap launch price:

1 EPICHERO = $0.21

(This price is estimated, given WBNB, THOREUM, THUNDERCAKE, THUNDERBNB, THUNDERADA, THUNDERETH at presale start time.)

4. Referral program

Get your referral link when you connect your wallet on THOREUM ITO website, share to your friends and earn 2% of their final allocated deposit!

You will automatically receive your commission when they claim on Presale ending day, Sep 17th at 14:00 UTC.

5. 😎Advantages for buying in this Presale😎

🧨 You are buying at the best price, that is to say from where the price starts because up to where it goes up, that has no limit.

🧨 Free of 5% buy fee fee that will be from the moment EPICHERO launch on PancakeSwap.

6. What will happen after presale end and not all token is sold

All the unsold tokens will be send to game incentives pool ( farming, PvE, PvP, etc.) to reward gamers.

7. How will EPICHERO be used after presale?

You can buy Mysterious Chest with 5,000 Thoreum and open it with 500 EPICHERO to summon a random 3D NFT hero. The NFTs will be released before launch or right on launch.

This hero will immediately receive 5% WBNB reflection rewards from each buy&sell of EpicHero and can be used to staking in EpicHero farm.

You can also use EPICHERO to level up your 3D NFT to earn higher rewards in farm.

You can also earn a passive income of 3% Thoreum reflection rewards just by holding EPICHERO tokens in your wallet.

8. What will happen with all the THUNDERCAKE|THUNDERBNB|THUNDERADA|THUNDERETH token committed after presale?

All the THUNDERCAKE|THUNDERBNB|THUNDERADA|THUNDERETH tokens will be used as in-game rewards for EPICHERO users.

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