🔋Battle for Olympus

👑 Epic Hero are proud to introduce to you an innovative game play, the 1st ever in the history of NFT gaming: Stake to Conquer! 👑

The Olympus is occupied by The Dark Lord, a level 200 boss.

The mission is to kill the BIG BOSS and conquer the top of the Olympus. Players are divided into 3 legions: humans, gods, and titans. Everyone can engage in the battle for Olympus by choosing their one or more legions and deploy their heroes in one legion pool only or across all of the 3 legion pools, depending on the player's own strategy. The fee to join each legion is 1000 Thoreum.

While engaging in battle, each hero brings back to the player $EpicHero staking rewards after the course of 2 day conquering the Olympus.


💪The attack power of each legion is equal to the total strength of the heroes in it, heroes with higher level & higher rarity will have higher attack power. The victory will belong to the the legion with a possibility distribution depends on each legion's attack power.

For example:


Attack Power

% of Total Attack Power

Winning Probability













👑The winning faction that conquer Olympus will get x2 staking rewards, while the remaining 2 losing factions will be deducted half of each side's staking rewards. Everyone can stay in their faction to earn those rewards in 1 more day. Within this 1 day, no heroes can switch sides/pools. At the end of the day, heroes can go back to practicing, improving their stats and doing daily tasks.

🌟Top 100 players of the winning legion who contribute the most in the Boss damage will be listed in honor board and receive additional rewards in $THOREUM and/or Golden keys which are used to open weapons, armors, skills NFT chest ( to be announced later)🌟

⚔️ Frequency: There is 1 battle per week

Monday: Do daily tasks to earn EPICHERO to upgrade heroes

Friday: Chooses the legion to join and engage in battle, getting EPICHERO attacking rewards

Saturday: Winning legion decided by live drawing and everyong stay enjoying rewards

Sunday: Claim rewards, undeploy heroes, go back to do daily tasks ( like Monday), and so on

Get ready with your heroes for for the Epic battle on EpicHero.io!

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