💪How to ensure that Epic Hero remains strong in long term?

Q1. Our market is filled with a wide range of gaming platform now. But the major disadvantage is that after playing for hours we are left with in-game rewards with value dropping very fast. So will EpicHero address this problem, and what solutions will you provide?

We are well aware of this problem, and have a mathematically proven solution that solve this. The value of the gaming token is based on supply and demand and with a well calculated rewards and burning mechanism the demand can always be equal or higher than the EPICHERO supply making our token's value stay stable.

For example every transaction of EPICHERO will have a transaction tax as follow:

- Token Burn each buy & sell: 1%

- Token Comeback to Game Incentives pool each buy & sell: 1%

So about 1% is burnt each transaction making EPICHERO rarer as time goes by, also 1% comes back to the rewards pool so the reward pool is not only giving out but also receiving in rewards, making the game more balanced.

We also have dynamically adjusted rewards rate of Farming and Staking Hero based on EPICHERO price: the higher the price the lower the reward rate and the lower the price the higher the reward rate, to make supply & demand always balanced.

All of the functions in EPICHERO have these base mechanics, mathematically calculated to balance rewards and demand. This mechanism is one of the best solutions on the market right now and we are confident that the EPICHERO token will always be calculated between supply and demand to make the price stable and increase in the long term.

Q2. Typically, investors buy tokens that are likely to increase in price in the future. So, how EpicHero balance between giving rewards to user and burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

After minting you will notice that we have put aside 17.5% of the total tokens which will be used for in game incentives such as farming, quest bonuses etc. This will provide users with EpicHero rewards on a regular basis so users that keep returning and interacting with the project will reap the benefits from this extra income.

To help stabilize the price of the token 1% of every transaction will be directly burnt to offset these new tokens coming into the circulation supply. To further provide stability and increase the value of the token long term we have also included in the code, 1% of every transaction will go back into the pool to top up those given out as rewards. This will mean that the pool of tokens will never become depleted as it is constantly topped up from user interactions.

Lastly, for serious burn, we have a levelling mechanism that requires huge numbers of tokens to activate. Epic Hero NFTs can be levelled up to a maximum of level 13 at the moment and each time they are levelled up Epic Hero tokens will be burnt. Each level requires larger amounts of Epic Hero tokens. Though the cost to level up will be high, the benefits to levelling up heros will be huge also. A Hero with a higher level can make much more in staking, PvE and PvP giving users a good reason to level up there heroes.

With all these burn mechanisms in place, we will see little to no inflation of Epic Hero token.

Q3. How to ensure that Epic Hero remains strong in bear market?

Long term development & long term benefit for investors is our main target, which is also why we chose to be strategic partner with Thoreum, the project that has been battle tested and has the right recipe for resilient long term growth, even in bearish periods of the market.

It's a combination of built in strengths of the tokenomics, multiple innovative use cases, talented & dedicated team, focus on delivering a SAFU project, and strong, proactive marketing.

For EpicHero's long term growth, we have burn mechanism; 1% built-in in each transaction, therefore the more time the token is in circulation the fewer tokens there are and the rarer they become. We also have reserve funds like Thoreum's 5000 bnb Thor Thunder, that’s the best warranty during a bear market.

The multiple use cases, from play2earn, collecting to simply holding for passive income, makes EpicHero friendly to anyone, and attractive in various states of the market.

Backing us through the rain or shine is our strategic investor Thoreum, who has very strong financial as well as user base support, they have a famous community of diamond hands investors. Through the hard times in the journey with Thoreum they have learned about how to invest in a long term x100 potential project like Thoreum and we believe we can have the support from them over here at Epic Hero.

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