🦸‍♂️️EpicHero NFTs

The first "Hold to Earn" NFT Card that will take over the Binance Smart Chain. You can use your NFTs in game to earn $EPICHERO rewards or Just hold to earn $BNB reflection rewards.

EpicHero battle card NFTs drive EpicHero’s collect, trade and game-focused ecosystem. EpicHero, the upcoming battle card game, requires each player to at least hold 1 card NFT to play. Future games like 3 vs. 3, 5 vs. 5 and Thousands vs. Thousands will require players to have larger decks.

Every battle card is unique and varies in both class, rarity, element and strength. This makes certain cards more desirable than others for players, traders and collectors alike.

The EpicHero DApp allows users to connect their BSC wallets and purchase, view, trade and battle NFTs. EpicHero battle cards are assigned stats and features that have direct in-game consequences. The value of a EpicHero card is determined by the scarcity of attributes that it possesses.

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