User's fund safety and rugpull-proof is our 1st priority
    EpicHero's Certik Audit is onboarding
    👉 https://leaderboard.certik.io/projects/epic-hero
    Audited by Thoreum Auditing team
    Audited by Techrate —> Audit report here
EpicHero - Techrate.pdf
Techrate Audit report
    Audited by RugFreeCoins with 0 issues
🟢 EpicHeroToken 0x47cC5334F65611EA6Be9e933C49485c88C17F5F0
🟢 EpicHeroNFT 0xafDcB0eCaD1c8Cb22893dCA7D6c510dBFDa3BBeC
🟢 EpicHeroReflect 0x09eAf2a4bcE29796EE380Aae6a3D23B817Ad67EB
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